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International Camping Europa Unita is on the first hill immediately behind Cogoleto, approximately 1.5 kilometers from the sea, it occupies an area of about 20,000 square meters in a charming position who allows you to have a wide view over the Gulf of Genoa. In good time visibility may be up to Portofino while to the north you can see the chain of the Ligurian Apennines where towering Mount Beigua and Mount Rama.



Public transport connects the International Camping Europa Unita to Cogoleto’s train station, in the centre of the town. The service is the circular who pass through Cogoleto-Schiva-Sciarborasca-Cogoleto. The stop for the International Camping Europa Unita is Schiva and you can find the time of service on ATP's website.


The structure of the International Camping Europa Unita covers terraced lawn with a good overall shading. The pitches are divided between residents pitches, urban structures in accordance with the Regulations Regional (RR # 1 February 21, 2011), and in the temporary places reserved for guests with their own equipment like tent, caravan and camper. All the plots have the availability of connection to the electricity distribution (by an adapter, three-core cable industrial 220). The connection to the Plant Electric must comply with the safety regulations provided for facilities such as the International Camping Europa Unita.

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They are also available some bungalows and units composed caravan and respective pre-entry. All these facilities are complying with the classical canons of traditional camping that are basic, without any laundry from us, some of them have their toilets, while some others by camping's toilet public. So the spirit which we have to approach to their use is that of camping experience close to nature in a community open to all and with the pleasure of living and freedom informal behavior. Of course the cost of these structures is in proportion to their usage patterns.



Available to all guests of the campsite there is a swimming pool, open from June, with features that do not require the presence of personal salvation and therefore childrens under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. The pool area is integrated with a Jacuzzi that provides tonic relaxing baths and a solarium on the adjacent lawn.


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There is a common area available to all guests with tables and chairs, in this area there is also a shop that performs service bar, a small grocery shop and restaurant. In this area are located various games for adults and children, table tennis and table football. The Toilet (WC, showers, sinks, dishwashers, etc..) are distributed over the entire area of the International Camping Europa Unita. In the main groups are showers with hot and cold water, hot water is for free, it is included in the cost of living. There is also a coin-operated washing machine in the main services group, immediately close you can find a wire structure for laying the clothes washed. All public service groups have electrical outlets.



For all guests there is a picnic area with barbecue to cooking foods on the grill. The cooking grates are provided by management for personal use, forbidden to pay the grates! Coordinated with the Area Barbecue there are large wooden tables for picnics, to consume cooked foods on the grids, drinking and socializing in general. During the summer, mostly in August, musical evenings are organized, entertainment shows with artists, dancing, karaoke, card tournaments and varied entertainment. The reception area has an access point to allow connection to the Wi-Fi network of the International Camping Europa Unita.

At the International Camping Europa Unita all animals are welcome and well accepted. The only recommendation is about the behavior of the pet, it must be respectful of people and property. For example, dogs cannot move on their own but must be kept on a leash and their litter must be deposited in rubbish bins. About animals common sense is very important !!!


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