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The campers at the arrival are required to deliver their documents for registration (Art. 109 TU of laws Public Safety Act) and are obliged to respect the following rules:

  1. Minors are allowed in the Holiday Park only if accompanied by parents or relatives.
  2. Visitors are not allowed to campers staying in the Holiday Park except with the permission of the management. Those admitted must submit their documents for registration and, where the visit is protracted over one hour, are required to pay the daily rate for entry visit during the day.
  3. Are not allowed visits at night (after 20.00). If you visit authorized by the Management is after at 20.00, the visitor must submit their documents and shall be subject to the normal rate expected for the night.
  4. The Management reserves the right, at its own discretion, not to accept campers / visitors undesiderable or in supernumerary
  5. Dogs are allowed in the Holiday Park if kept on a leash and accompanied out of the Holiday Park to carry out their needs. In the event that, exceptionally, the needs were carried inside the Holiday Park, owners must provide for their collection and subsequent cleaning of the area.
  6. The "silence" and the respect of the relaxing break of others, it is mandatory from 14.00 to 16.00 and from 23.00 to 8.00. During these hours is forbidden to switch on motorcycle engines / vehicles, circulate in the Holiday Park by car or motorcycle, disturbing the peace of others to radio, television, games, musical instruments, noisy gatherings or meetings, etc. .. In addition, when the barrier's gate is operational, it will be closed and then will be refused entry / exit by car / motorcycle from the Holiday Park. After the evening when Bar is closed are prohibited noisy gatherings also in the areas used for common services
  7. Cars and bikes must proceed within the Holiday Park at walking pace. Please, also, to minimize the use of vehicles to avoid dust and discomfort to all present.
  8. Every one must take care of his things proprietary. Management is not liable in any case of any theft or damage.
  9. Children must always be accompanied when using the toilets and equipment typically found in the Holiday Park. Parents are guardians of their child's behavior, behavior for which the Management declines any responsibility.
  10. Transiting campers must deposit the rubbish in the bins located inside the Holiday Park close their areas. They are obliged to keep perfectly clean spaces occupied by them and do not throw any rubbish inside the common toilet.
  11. Permanent campers must deposit the rubbish in special containers located outside of the Holiday Park near the main entrance. They are obliged to keep perfectly clean places assigned to them and not to throw any junk in common Toilets and personal.
  12. Is prohibited: wash clothes or dishes in places different from those intended for such use; wash the car inside the Holiday Park; keep cool drinks, or otherwise, under jets of water from taps in the Toilets; hang clothes on wires, or similar, tied to trees or poles. The clothes must be hung in specially equipped with wire clothesline.
  13. Is severely forbidden to damage plants, equipment of Holiday Park, digging ditches around the tents, pour hot liquids or litter on the ground. It is not allowed the use of charcoal grills if not set in the picnic areas
  14. Is absolutely forbidden to switch on fires of any kind in the entire area of the Park Holidays
  15. In the period from June 1 to August 31 and strictly prohibited doing any job inside the pitches by noise tools
  16. Any telephone call received by the front desk for the campers / guests will be noted and reported to the addressee depending on the availability of staff and the level of urgency of the communication
  17. Whoever finds any object in the Park Holidays is obliged to give it to the Directorate that will return it to its rightful owner.
  18. Each infectious illness must be immediately reported to the Direction that, in compliance with medical advice, may adopt appropriate precautions, including removal of the campers involved from the Holiday Park
  19. Permanent campers, occupying a pitch in Holiday Park, declare that their caravans, pre-entry, auto and verandas are covered by regular and valid insurance on the fire. the Direction does not have any responsibility in this regard any damages due to fire.
  20. Management is not liable for damages suffered by campers due to natural calamities, fortuitous events and force majeure.
  21. Supervision and assistance in the pool are provided in accordance with the applicable law. For security reasons it is forbidden to swim in the closing hours of the front desk and at night. The Management declines any responsibility in case of transgression of this Directive
  22. In the closing hours of the reception, when to appear in unanticipated conditions emergency, campers should immediately inform the Direction using the provided telephone numbers exposed to the outside of the reception itself.
  23. The entry in the Park Holidays constitutes acceptance of the rates in force and full compliance with this Regulation. In any case the regulation is deemed to be delivered and accepted by each individual camper in all its parts as written. The rules can be integrated in part by additional rules that the Management considers appropriate to establish for the improving the functioning of Holiday Park. The staff of the Holiday Park is authorized to enforce the Rules and to report to the Management who does not follow it. The defaulters will be immediately expelled from the Holiday Park.
  24. The campers can note in a special register any comments, suggestions, complaints.
  25. For any controversy the competent will be to COURT of GENOA



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