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About History

Never forget history !!! Cogoleto, an old fishing village, claims the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, as witnessed today by the presence of his home.


There are in the whole area small local museums, such as the Farming House in Sciarbarasca, fraction of Cogoleto and places for the spirit such as the Hermitage of the Desert surrounded by chestnut forests and mediterranean vegetations, quiet and cool even when the heat and more strong. For plants lovers, there are two Botanical Gardens. The first the Botanical Garden "Villa Beuca". The second is the “Hermitage of the Desert Botanical Garden”, it's a fascinating botanical trail who extends for almost 2 km and a half. Incredible and fascinating the possibility to cross in a short time a wide range of environments which are extremely diversified.




Welcome now to the pleasures of eating. The International Camping Europa Unita is located in an area of great culinary traditions. The popular farming of basil in Prà, the only true basil with which you can make "pesto" for the ancient Genoa's tradition, it's more or less 15 km from our accommodation. The focaccia of Voltri, the farinata from Pegli, the blue fish and crustaceans from the rocks, cod and many other dishes are flavors of the region of Liguria, which can be savored and known for all the guests of International Camping Europa Unita.


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